Shipping and Refund Policy

Our Shipping Policy at Left Coast Pottery


We take great care in packing your orders, however, damages can occur in transit. All pieces leave our warehouse in perfect condition, but it is essential you inspect your order immediately after receiving it. You have up to 3 days to inform us or the shipper of any UPS damages. Please be prepared to send us photos of the damages so that we can properly process your claim. In the event that a damage does occur, Left Coast Pottery will file a damage claim with the carrier. UPS may require an inspection of the damages for items exceeding $100, so please hold onto the original box and packing materials for 7 business days. If you are receiving your order by freight, you may ask the driver to wait while you inspect the kiln or wheel. We have chosen carriers who are very safe with your items but always inspect your delivery. You should also take a look at the packing list to make sure the order is correct. By signing the BOL (Bill of Lading) you are waving your rights to claim any damages in the future. If you suspect damages (for instance, if you saw a small puncture in the side of the box or a corner crushed) you can reserve the right to inspect the box later by simply indicating on the bill of lading that you were unable to inspect at time of delivery, damages may have occurred but are unseen until further inspection. If you deny any shipment and have the box returned and there are NO damages to be found, you will be responsible for any additional handling fees as well as return shipping costs. Do not deny shipment unless you have inspected the contents and can prove damages. 

 Refund Policy: No Refunds. Sorry. If you have a question about the condition of the piece please inquire about it before purchase. We are more than happy to show you close-ups on the piece if you fear damage.