About Us

Phil Stringer started his collection in 1982. At that time things were different. Pottery shows were dominant in the market and that is how he acquired much of his collection. Throughout the ensuing decades, Phil continued to grow his collection while travelling throughout the country. All this of course prior eBay and the internet. That Era has now come and passed, times have changed with the dawn of the internet. Phil felt it was the time for him change too. Phil stopped collecting in the mid-2000's and is now focusing on sharing his passion for vintage pottery with the world. Phil brings a unique familiarity and love for the history of Bauer and other vintage California pottery which he hopes to share with both connoisseurs and novices through Left Coast Pottery. 
While the majority of Phil's collection is on LeftCoastPottery.Com. Some unique pieces are withheld. If you are searching for a particular piece. Please inquire through the contact tab.